Custom Carved Wood Brackets

Decorative wood brackets added to your kitchen or shelving project adds not only elegant style, but also structural integrity. The wood brackets original design was to strengthen overhangs and shelves. But as time went on, they became more and more decorative accents.

Wood brackets can be carved in many species of wood. Including walnut, mahogany, maple, poplar, and more.

Enjoy the beauty of carved wood corbels. With the proper installation these wood brackets can support a great deal of weight. It also gives you the versatility to use a decorative bracket for aesthetics. Available in a variety of sizes, designs, and species, these custom brackets arrive sanded and ready for installation.

Brackets add a great option under range hoods, exposed shelving, fireplace mantles, bars, and extended counter tops. Add your personal design and let us make your custom carved wooden brackets, decorative wood brackets, and have your place be the envy of your neighbors when you add style to your home with our wood brackets.

Exterior wood brackets. What began as a needed working piece for stability and support is now a beautiful point for many designers. Decorative wood brackets were by origin produced for the purpose of bearing the weight of an overhang, counter top, bar or mantle. Today, wood brackets are no longer mandatory to be purely functional. In fact, many would argue that they are esential to also be aesthetically pleasing.

Our wooden brackets utilize the technologies of today to build the designers dream wood products that have been in architecture for centuries.

Predominantly used in decorative applications decorative brackets can make a powerful difference in kitchens, bathrooms, entryways, fireplace surrounds, man caves, and more. Architectural brackets are also perfect for exterior instalations as well.

Custom wood brackets are the perfect choice for supporting mantels, countertops and shelving. With the proper installation, these wood brackets can support up to 200 lbs. Which gives you the flexibleness to use a nice wooden bracket for support. Contact us today for a free quote…

Many ways these brackets can be made for you.

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