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Custom Dining Room & Carved Fireplace Mantel

This custom, dining room project and custom carved fireplace mantel was completed for a client’s home in Houston, Texas. This entire room had a dreamy look and was entirely white. The home owner worked directly with an artist who helped create the custom carved fireplace surround. Camcraft 3D then worked with the artist to produce the art in clay (converting the artist’s 2D vision to 3D) before ultimately creating the wooden master-piece. This project was finished in about two months. Camcraft 3D completed some of the work on site and the remainder back at our shop. All-in-all the project included a piece of wall art and the carved fireplace mantle you see in the picture. However, it also included some ceiling art. All elements from the wall and carved ceiling tiles to the elaborate legs on the mantle tie together seamless to create a truly spectacular and unique dining room.

Custom Dining Room Fireplace