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How Can Using a Computer Numerical Control (CNC) Router Benefit Your Business?

As a manufacturing, building or construction business you have strict schedules to follow and deadlines to meet. Aspects of a project that don’t get done in a timely manner can throw off the entire project, creating an unhappy customer experience.

A new generation of woodworking technology is here and it’s reducing production time and increasing production amount for many businesses. This is a huge benefit for many manufacturing companies.

Here are 6 advantages of a company using a CNC router:

Automation — The larger the job, the longer it will take. CNC router automation allows for projects to be completely programmed and the machine works much more efficiently and quickly than human hands. This means it’s possible to produce an actual size and dimension prototype to be approved first and still produce the highest quality large production runs in a fraction of the time it would take without a router.

Accuracy — When carving by hand, or working with a hand-held machine, accidents are bound to happen — especially when making multiple “identical” pieces. Each project on a CNC router can be drafted and designed with guaranteed accuracy. Fewer mistakes mean you’re working more efficiently, saving yourself and the client money, time and stress.

Safety — CNC routers are automated so workers are not “hands on” with the cutting and carving of the wood, making the job unsurprisingly safer. No hand held cutting devices means a safer, more proficient business. Period.

Cost Effective — CNC routers require less man power to get the job done. They are safer, faster and more accurate than both hand-carving and hand-held machines. All of these aspects combined make it a more cost-effective option for any business.

Capability — There is no project too large! There is no project too complicated! CNC routers can do them all! If you can dream it, CNC routers can build it — and they can do it as quickly, precisely, safely and reasonably priced as possible.

CNC router technology gives flexibility to wood-carving. It allows for prototypes to be built and changes to be made to the design without taking up too much time. It cuts down on work related injuries, increases production time and decreases cost. And the best part is that CNC routers have almost endless capabilities. There is no job too big or small.

If you are interested in CNC custom wood carvings, view our portfolio for examples of recent projects or contact us directly. Every Camcraft 3D design is custom made, designed by working hand-in-hand with the client, then CNC carved to exacting specifications all in an allowable time frame.