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How Can Using a Computer Numerical Control (CNC) Router Benefit Your Business?

As a manufacturing, building or construction business you have strict schedules to follow and deadlines to meet. Aspects of a project that don’t get done in a timely manner… READ MORE

The Benefits of CNC Router Carving

We all know that people put value in things that are crafted by hand, but do they put too much value in them? We appreciate the time, effort, more time, personality, and even more time that is poured into each hand- carved item. But seriously, who has that amount of time? Because it takes A LOT of time to carve… READ MORE

Custom Wood Carvings Add Elegance and Individuality to a Home

Custom wood carvings add style, personality and elegance to any space. The design opportunities are limitless… READ MORE

Corbels: What Are They and How Should I Use Them?

A corbel is a functional and decorative architectural bracket that is used to support other structures, such as a beam, shelf or the ceiling. Traditionally corbels were created as a structural brace to reinforce other architectural elements in a building, but modern corbels are used just as much for their decorative appeal… READ MORE

Customizing Your Home

Purchasing, building or remodeling a home is a big investment and a lot of work. We put more time and effort into our homes than probably anything else in our lives. We take so much pride in our homes because they are a reflection of us. According to The Psychology of Home, by Julie Beck, environmental psychologist Susan Clayton says… READ MORE

The Art of Automation: How Camcraft 3D and CNC Technology Revolutionized the Art of Woodcarving

For traditional woodcarvers, a chisel isn’t just a tool,it’s an extension of the artist. With chisel in hand, the artist and his tool combine in a collaborative effort to sculpt a vision into a realization. Jerry Frederick however, is not your traditional woodcarver. And it’s not a chisel that sculpts his vision, it’s a MultiCam CNC router… READ MORE

ArtCAM for Architecture

Starting a business from home is a common dream. Few people can convert that dream into reality as successfully as Jerry Frederick, from Sugar Land, Texas. His Camcraft 3D business has been so successful that Mr.Frederick recently quit his day job as plant manager for a CNC machining firm after working there for over 20 years. READ MORE

Software 'Brings It AllTogether' for Architectural Woodcarver

A Houston-area woodcarver uses Delcam’s ArtCAM software to expand his creativity and speed up production. Jerry Frederick is a self-taught artist and sculptor. READ MORE

Carving a niche

Guys like Jerry Frederick – Guys who grew up in the oil patch, guys who know their way around machine tools – Guys like that generally don’t use words like "Creative" or "Artistic" and certainly not in regard to their own yearnings. But a man wants what he wants. READ MORE

CNC technology works for architectural component maker

CNC technology allowed a Texas company to produce high-quality solid wood architectural components in quantity – something that would never have been possible with any other method. READ MORE